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About that V:o)~

Can I use "VMIN"? Absolutely! However, to date Vmax is only partially integrated in all available market devices and browsers. This has terrified developers everywhere. V measure is the death as we know them of bootstrap [a.k.a. 'CLUNK' layout] and many other related global communication technologies. Yes, be honest... feel that CLUNK. This site deploys V with @MEDIA. However, let's stress subtlty in typography and color.

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Our final acceptance of v-measure follows a series of visits to phone booths to watch denizens navigating their proud favs in full public view. Wow, did that pop-top menu tat shrunk always fitted screen content annoy! Hide-hide-hide when done-done-done. Attraction was obvious, control the V-estate. Both games and mundane. Why not integrate what tel-co's thump in as extra memory baggage. Make desktop and every other device a baggage-free responsive typographic environment.

For all practical purposes, look and feel for Riverleaf Net is identical all the way from IE6 to today's latest and greatest IE11. But okay, let's be fair. Developers re-invent the operating systems that runs your device, computer, whatever. Understandably, developers are always pansies when faced with something new. Apply new to the operating systems' foundation, and harm is done:we crash back to 19'forgotten. No thanks! When Riverleaf builds your site, we design using the browser DOM, or Data Object Model. We align design for devices and browsers within the existing foundation of digital online technology, with a strict miimalist approach to leading edge, little "d" script development. Modestly, we follow the capital "D" System Development.

[Pansies, or real development. Take your pick. LOL butt wipe...]

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Element span.important to compare with p. Also, the code element could be important code.

Why is pre so untidy in code view?
(slopping all over code view margins)
Will browser manufacturers ever clean up this pre slop?
(> CODE< hint-hint-hint)

In the field of information systems (IS), `information' is probably the most important and fundamental notion. And yet, existing studies of it seem inadequate and lacking of sufficient depth, and further work is therefore desperately in need. We adopt Hermeneutics to approach the essence of information. We describe how Hermeneutics might enable us to look at the mechanism whereby information is created and information flow takes place, and explain implications this approach might have to requirement identification in IS. 1

1. Hermeneutic Approach to the Notion of Information in IS, Su-Fen Wang, Donghua University, ISBN:978-3-540-85564-4, doi 10.1007/978-3-540-85565-1_43 [Springer].
The hermeneutic classifies the information as spreading nodes in a manufacturing schema. Specifically, "information is created and information flow takes place." This challenges classification, as "it" appears annecdotally, rather than as quantifiead and qualified precedent in the robotics culture. Perhaps the machine heads are taking an important first step, and therein rests a hermeneutic. Very interesting content for a 404 conjecture. Ah... the ever gullible Springer.